Through my working life I had many different jobs, was always exploring something new. Drove big rigs, was a mechanic, way before cars had computers, drove tow trucks, repaired office machines, worked in construction. When I was around 35 or so I got interested in computers and started reading all I could about them and playing with them. I built and repaired them, sold them and finally got into networking. From there I went on to be a Network Engineer for a local school district. This is where I finally settled down and retired from there in 2006

To entertain myself during retirement I started dabbling in vintage auto parts. A couple of friends and I bought up some old parts for mostly pre 60’s cars and trucks and started selling them on the internet. To promote the sale I created a web site to advertise the parts and venues where there were sold.

Before that I had created several web sites for myself and some friends. Some still around today. Most of them are in there 3rd or 4th generations. As the web changes the sites get update to a more current look. Recently I got interested in WordPress so basically this is my learning site where I will be teaching myself WordPress.

This is a new website to chronicle my R/C adventures.

It all started back in February 2016 when I was checking out rock crawlers because a buddy of mine had bought a 1:1 rock crawler. During this search I came upon RC rock crawlers. These things look cool and appeared to be fun. So off I go researching RC rock crawlers. I had been in RC back in the 80’s having everything from cars/trucks, boats, to helicopters. During my research of hobby grade RC crawlers it seemed that Axial was leading the pack. My first RC crawler was an Axial SCX10 Deadbolt¬†Axial SMX10 Deadbolt bought on March 3, 2016. That Sunday I went on a crawl/trail run with some guys I got hooked up with at Checkered Flag a lhs. Good time was had and I was hooked. I started going out several days a week crawling different parks in the area. Some were good and I went back and others only offered exercise for me and no challenges for the Deadbolt. On Sundays I would go to different places with the hobby shop group. We go to places like Elephant Rock. Were we met another group of crawlers from Salem, MO. There is also Hugh’s mountain, Pink Rock and others. Was never interested in competition crawling I enjoyed crawling/trailing, it’s laid back and more like a bunch of guys & gals just hanging out and having a good time.

All along the boys kept telling me I needed to go to this thing called the G6 which is held at Flat Nasty close to Salem, Mo. Kept saying I was not interested in competition but the boys kept telling me it was just trailing with some more challenges and a good time. Finally decided to give it a try so I registered for the G6 which was held May 4, 2016 at Flat Nasty Offroad Park. We crawled all day on 2 courses with some other challenges too. Not to mention the extra attraction the Night Run. When all was said and done I won the Senior Class not to mention that I had a ball and will be back next year to try it all again,

While on the G6 I find out that some of these guys are racing Slashes on a backyard track in South County. They invited me to come by and check it out, which I did.¬† Found a used 2wd brushless Slash that had only been raced so it was in good condition. Took it to Dano’s backyard track to check out oval racing. Most of these guys are the same guys that I crawl with.