Gramps Ramblings is just my personal blog and a depository for things I don’t want to loose. It’s also a place for me to rant about things that get under my saddle, at times you just need a place to get things off your chest.

I now do most of my websites with WordPress and many times I don’t want to muddy the waters of a working site to try something so I also use Gramps Ramblings as a Sandbox for WordPress plugin and ideas. So don’t be surprised if you drop by and things look totally different. I maybe working on a new theme for another site or playing with who knows what.

If you ended up here looking for your browser isn’t messed up that this the domain name that this site use to use. Your not lost we just don’t maintain that site any longer.


Taming the throttle on a whoop

Add these commands in betaflight CLI. Hopefully you will have lots of throttle control while still having access to full power. set thr_mid = 41 set thr_expo = 65 This can also be set on the Rates tab Set Throttle Continue reading →

Jumper T12 Pro – Trim to momentary switch

Bought a Jumper T12 Pro it’s smaller and lighter than my Jumper T16. The one thing that is really missing in my opinion is a momentary switch. I use it for 2 functions, the beeper on whoops that are equipped Continue reading →

Goerge Ray’s Wildcat Dragstrip

Back on Sept 22, 2002 a bunch of us from the Fenton area drove down to Paragould, AK to visit George Ray’s Wildcat Dragstrip. We all has a good time making passes and doing ride alongs.

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